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With Marguri the traditional oriental Hamam-cloth has finally arrived in the west. The weightless and soft flowing cloth has been matched to modern design standards and is now available as lifestyle or beach accessory, as a bath towel or a stylish scarf in many varieties and qualities. The Marguri-cloth is made from cotton, bamboo, linen, viscose or combinations of these fabrics. It comes in many different sizes, which accounts for countless possibilities for using it in your everyday life. Feel the best quality on your skin!


The various faces of Marguri

The Marguri-cloth can be used as towel for your bathroom or the beach, as a tasteful blanket for your couch at home or as an eyecatcher at a picnic. It also serves as a companion during hikes or sports or as a scarf or poncho to keep you warm during the chilly evenings spent on your balcony, on a restaurant terrace or in open fields under the stars . It’s because of its feather-light touch, the low weight and the soft nature that the Marguri-cloth easily slips into every bag and has a lot of customers thrilled . We have one in our bag at all time as well.

Our high-class and versatile Marguri-cloths bring long-lasting joy to men, women, toddlers and babies. We are curious to find out which cloth will turn out to be your favorite. Let us know what you have decided – before or after your purchase. Enjoy our shop.


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