Hamam Cloth

Hamam-cloth (Peştemal) – The Orient’s finest cloth

For thousands of years the cultural asset of taking baths in Hammām or Hamam (Arabic حَمَّام) has existed in the oriental world. Hamam is the name of the ancient ornate public baths and hot rooms, where old traditions continue to thrive and where soothing bath rituals are held. Woven from the finest threads the Hamam-cloth (Peştemal) plays a crucial part during those visits to the baths. It is soft to the touch, provides high comfort and dries quickly.  When we discovered it while visiting a Hamam its soft flowing material won us over in an instant.

Pure Nature

Who knew that nature could be so soft? The traditional Hamam-cloth or Peştemal consists of natural materials only. In the past it was made of 100% high quality cotton, whereas nowadays there also exist varieties made of silk, linen or bamboo. The cotton used for processing the cloth is dyed naturally in many cases and the fast drying Peştemal has antibacterial properties, making it a perfect choice for people suffering from allergies.

Manufactories with thousands of years of old knowledge

Our Hamam-cloths are being woven in small manufactories and family-run companies and the warp is processed by homeworking women only. It is this time consuming handicraft that results in fine ornate cloths that appear weightless and that caress the skin with their soft touch in a way nothing else can.

Size and Weight

Weighing only about a third of a similar sized terry towel the Hamam-cloth or Peştemal is a practical lightweight. It weighs between 100 and 400 grams, depending on the individual design and model.  As it is highly absorbent it is perfectly suitable for use during outdoor travel and sports.

The traditional Peştemal is two meters long and one meter wide. In addition, there exists a smaller Peştemal called Peskir which is 40 centimeters wide and 80 centimeters long.

Fields of application

Traditionally, the Hamam-cloth serves as a handy accessory for a trip to the beach and enjoying the sun, the sand and the sea. This is one of the reasons why we chose to name our high quality cloths after Greek fairytale islands. The Hamam-cloth is widely used instead of a towel or a blanket in the sauna or the bathroom, at the beach or at the pool. But there is also so much more to it: With its soft flowing structure it can easily be transformed into scarfs or pareos or it can even be used during skin treatments such as massages.

The smaller Hamam-cloth (Peskir) is also becoming increasingly popular with infants. The natural and soft texture of the Hamam-cloth paired with its antibacterial properties makes it a perfect choice for securely wrapping and comforting babies.  Furthermore, because of their great absorbency Peskirs are suitable as small towels for guests, as hair towels or as trendy dishcloths.

Nowadays, Hamam-cloths are available in countless varieties, colours and patterns.

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