About us

I'm Dietmar Kalcher

Let me introduce you to my world of soft flowing materials, of fine weaves, of breathtaking patterns and inspiring colours. For generations my family members were tailors, dedicating their lives to the creation of clothes and fabrics. Therefore it comes as no surprise that I was thrilled when I first discovered the Hamam-cloth and that, once I had held it in my hands, I could not get it out of my head again. What I want to do now is to share my enthusiasm about this cloth with you. Indulge in the world of these weightless soft fabrics and take your time enjoying the feelings that they inspire. I am glad that you discovered us and I wish you all the best with your Marguri-cloth.

Kind regards,

Dietmar Kalcher


I'm Andreas Kneidinger

I am first and foremost characterized by two things: My bookkeeping skills and my love for nature and sports. I am putting 40 years of accounting experience into Marguri, to create high grade products that were manufactured ecologically friendly. This is my way fulfilling my part in respecting and thoughtfully using the resources of our earth. Instead of using fabrics filled to the brim with cheap chemistry we opt for sustainably processed natural products. You will feel the difference this makes. Together we can make responsible choices regarding our planet.


Andreas Kneidinger

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